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It has been a while since a shared a book that I have read.  It does not mean I have not been reading, though. 

I love reading about other people and the lives they are embarking on.  I guess that is the reason my favorite genre besides Jane Austen (is that a genre???  Sorry I am digressing) is biography or autobiography.  Give me a book set in Italy and I’m excited.  So put my favorite genre and have the setting in Italy in one book will cause me to do a happy dance all the way to a comfy seat to read.


This was a book I felt I needed to read with a glass of wine.  Italian wine.  It was a book that made me think about the simple things in life and how much we do not realize how wonderful they are.  The essence of enjoying every single moment we have been so blessed to have is what I’m going to take away from this lovely read.

The author and her husband sold their home in Venice (really???) and moved to Tuscany.  She is writer of cookbooks and he was a banker.  They move into a ‘stable’ like house that has been redone.  She weaves in this book life in rural Italy and the traditions that creates this relaxed atmosphere and her eagerness to recapture a life of meaning.  To slow down.  To savor. 

I marveled at the ease that the Tuscans just gather what they need for their meals.  And how each meal is a celebration within itself.  I will say there was a lot of wine drinking going on.  However, the sense of community was felt in her words.

I love literature.  I love when I read words and my visual image is overtaking my soul.  Ms. DeBlasi has a tremendous voice.  Here is one example…

” Barlozzo paints when he talks.  He prepares the canvas, splashes on the color, and throwing down his brushes sometimes, he opts for the thicker texture gained from a pallette knife.”

Barlozzo is the the man that adopts the author and her husband and shows them the Tuscan ways.  I love this man.  I want to sit for hours with him and listen about his life. 

I truly enjoyed this book.  I will be checking out more from her if only to read her words as they come alive in my mind.  More importantly, I’m taking away the value of what life is about.  We need to celebrate the little things.  Take time to marvel in daily moments that make our lives special.