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I am a lover of routine.  I love to set goals and then work to accomplish them.  That is why I love a workout schedule.  Whether I’m training for a race or just trying to say healthy, I have my routine.

Here is my workout:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Spin and run 3 miles

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Total Body Workout and run 4.5 miles

Friday: weights and run 4.5 miles

Saturday: run 8 miles

Sunday: run 8 miles and yoga

The part that kills me is the total body workout.  I will get in my car and my arms are still shaking.  However, I will not give it up!

Good news is I have found my next race!  It will be in the middle of September!!  Another half marathon.  This time in town a little closer than Paris.  I will be running the Karlsruhe (Germany)  half on the 23rd of September.  Official training will begin on my birthday.  What a great birthday present to me.

My goal for this race will be centered around time.  In Paris I shaved 6 minutes off my personal best.  When I crossed the finish line, I was already thinking about where the next race would be.   I have to say, that left me wanting more.  On the way home I was thinking about each part of the race.  I know where I can use some work.

See, goal oriented!