How often do you change out pillows?  I think I will do some investigating on how long you should use a pillow.  With the facts, I will present them to Hubby!

We are having a pillow issue.  I like to have something to lay my head on that is combination of firm and soft.  Sturdy but flexible.  I do not want to just lay my head on the mattress. Hubby likes pancakes.

A couple of weeks ago, I could not handle it.  I went and bought new pillows.  I thought after about 18 months, it was time to say good bye.  You know, pillow heaven and all.  They had served their purpose.

I bring home the new white puffy wonders and add them to our bed.  Hubby has not been happy since.  In fact he saved one pillow from being taken to the dump.  All I am thinking about are the germs that are having a party in there.  YUCK!  It does not seem to bother him though! Men.

The solution I have come up with is that I will be taking Hubby pillow shopping.  That way he can find one that he will be comfortable with.  He can get it to have the just right indentations.  He can make it his own.

The simple things in life….

Call me concerned, but I would like to have as clean of an environment as I can and a good night of sleep!

Speaking of clean…. we are about to begin Spring cleaning!!!

Have a great Saturday.