This weekend in our house the cleaning begins.  We will start at the bottom and work our way up!  It will take us a couple of weekends to get it done.  We are hoping since we are doing this, Spring will actually get here! You know, the philosophy the day you decide to wash your car, the rain comes….

I actually really enjoy cleaning.  Putting on some great tunes. You are relaxed.  It brings an appreciation of what you have.  It is taking a trip down memory lane.  It also gives you time to think about what is important and what is not so important.  You move things around.  You get ideas about how to make a space better.

My goal this weekend is the laundry room/area (hard to explain this space), workroom (Hubby’s) and the kitchen.  Trust me, my organization feelers will be open for fresh ideas in the laundry room.  My system is not working smoothly right now.  I need to look into that! 

Doing Spring cleaning requires a certain mind set.  It requires a certain soundtrack.  And of course, a certain wardrobe!  For me to do real cleaning, I have to remember it is only stuff.  My mantra is clean is always better!  My soundtrack will be classic 80’s rock.  I need something with a beat.  Who knows, I might feel the need to sing or dance along.  My favorite part, clothing!  Classic cleaning style- large t-shirt that has been ‘loved’ and yoga pants that have seen their better day. 

Aww, the excitement is building!

Happy  cleaning!