And so it begins.  If I could I would be off for the rest of the week.  I would be sitting on my sofa with the TV tuned to the wonderful event that happens each March.  That thing called March Madness.  I love football.  But I LOVE basketball.

The problem is that I do have a tv but I do not have cable or any network stations.  It is a personal choice for Hubby and I.  (and if you are wondering, our lives are still complete without tv!!!)  At times like these, a little ESPN would be wonderful.  Thank God for the internet!

March Madness- the next 4 days especially- is when Cinderella appears and leaves her glass slipper.  The David’s knock off the Goliath’s.  The campus of any given university or college goes crazy cheering their team.  It is beautiful!  It is sports at its best.

Unlike our President, I have not had time to work on my brackets.  The thing is I never do them anyway!  I love rooting for the underdog.  Unless it is team I like!  For example, (I do not just watch the men play!!!) I will be following closely the Lady Ag’s as they begin their dance card in College Station.  Go AGGIES!!!

As this annual ritual of the Big Dance begins, it is time to sit back and enjoy the athletic talents of those who have game.  I for one will be moving my workout to the afternoon and inside to the gym.  The gym will have the games on!!!  As I am sweating, building muscle, and hopefully burning calories/fat I will be just enjoying the sport that I always wished I could play.

Gig’em Lady Aggies!!!!