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Last night Hubby and went to go see Les Mis.  I had read the book years ago.  And this is kind of funny.  Last year Amazing Daughter spent her spring break in England as part of a class she was taking.  She had one evening in London free.  That was enough for me!  I flew up and we had a glorious dinner of Indian food (oh, I still remember every single bite!) and went to watch… you guessed it Les Mis on the West End.  That was exactly a year ago this weekend.  We love musicals.  After the show Amazing Daughter and I just sat in our seats speechless.  Which is oddly strange for us.  It wasthat powerful.

Les Mis the movie was pretty darn good.  I totally get why Anne Hathaway won her Oscar.  Man, she has some chops!  After the movie, Hubby said he would like to see it in London.  If I would have had my calendar, we would have scheduled the weekend right then and there!

On the way home we were talking about musicals.  They are not Hubby’s ‘thing’.  I still think it takes a talented person who can sing dialogue- well.  Last night I started thinking about my favorite musicals that I have seen.

Wicked–  Hubby, Amazing Daughter and I saw this on Broadway.  Fabulous!

Mamma Mia– Ahh…. my fascination with ABBA!

Phantom of the Opera– This was Amazing Daughter’s favorite in middle school.  We took her to see this for her birthday a while ago.

Spamalot– I still remember walking around the house singing those songs!

Grease (the movie)-  It was the first movie I saw on the ‘new’ channel of HBO.  I do not want to see it on stage.  No one could replace John and Olivia!

Chicago– Amazing Daughter and I saw this one in London a couple of years ago.  Christy Brinkley was guest starring as Roxie.

The one that I have not seen that I would love to is Miss Saigon.  I do believe that I will be out of luck!  Unless some local theater group does it!

Evenings spent listening to great music are simply beautiful.  Cannot wait to expand my experiences!

What are your favorite musicals?