It is Friday!  You cannot see it but I am doing a happy dance as I am typing.   I am looking forward to a weekend that promises to be at a very slow pace.  Even though last weekend was awesome, I’m ready for some down time.  Variety is the spice of life.  YEA!

It will be a Welcome Spring Weekend.  (I know that next week will now bring colder temps because of my plan!) We have had sun all week.  I guess we brought it from Paris!   I cannot tell you how much that has changed people.  Walking around, we see people smiling.  I keep thinking in with the new and out with the old.  However in our home it will be out with winter things, colors, and knick knacks and in comes flowers, pastels, and all things that ring awake!

I will be trying out a couple of new recipes that I will be sharing in future Cooking with the Daisies post.  I have found a flea market to go check out this weekend.  Just maybe something that screams TV room will be heard.

Being the CEO of my own schedule is very liberating.  I do have a to do list already made for the next two days!  Opportunity is just seeping out today.  Opportunity for recharging, reevaluating, and freshness.

Basically, it will be a weekend of renewal and getting ready to enjoy this time of year.  The spring cleaning can wait a couple of weeks.  But the renewal starts TODAY!

Enjoy your Friday!