Last week, I was quite surprised to read one of my comments.  I love reading comments by the way!  The very nice lady who blogs- marketmaiden (Check her out!  She has AMAZING recipes!)- nominated my for a Liebster Award.

WOW is what I thought!  Then I started thinking, what exactly is a Liebster Award. Liebster in German means dearest.   It is an award for an up and coming blog that has less than 200 followers.  This is a huge honor in my book.  So a big shout out to marketmaiden!

Now in order to accept this nomination I have to share…  I have to first answer 11 questions that she has asked.  Next, I have to tell 11 things about me.  Finally, I have to nominate  blogs and send them questions!  I love the whole circle thing!

I bet you will find out a lot about me today then you probably every wanted to know!

So let’s get to it!!

Questions I need to answer:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Easy answer.  No hesitation- India!  The culture, the food, the bold and bright colors.  I have been thinking about a henna tattoo….

2.  Who is your favorite person to travel with?

Another easy answer- Hubby.  He is tall, dark, and VERY handsome….  also good at navigating!

3.  What is your favorite dish to serve to dinner guest?

Hmm…. had to think about this one.  Italian Sausage with Fennel and Grapes served with  rustic Italian bread and a robust red wine.  That is fall and winter.  For the spring and summer, white Gazpacho with Crab Salad paired with a dry Riesling.

4.  What are 3 items that you carry with you whenever you travel overseas?

Passport, running shoes, and bandaids

5.  What is the last book you read?

Fair Game

6.  If you could purchase one new kitchen appliance what would it be?

Right now, my ‘need’ is not an appliance but to complete my set of All Clad pots and pans.

7.  Red or white?

Tough one…. Let’s see… White- Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc

Red- Shiraz, Rioja, Cab, Temprillo, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent….  I think I will go with Red.

8.  What is your favorite meal to eat out in at restaurant- breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Lunch.  I was thinking cafe, sun, light meal, and a great conversation with a friend.

9.  Do you believe in fitness centers or would you rather be playing outdoors?

I love wide open spaces!  Outdoors

10.  What is your favorite coffee shop?

Any that produce an iced soy chai latte!  I am not a coffee drinker!

11.  What is your favorite mode of travel/transportation?

That would be the car.  We have control of our schedule.  We have windows for a great view and a trunk for our goodies that we happen to find!

Now….  11 facts about me!

1.  I LOVE Jane Austen and reading.

2.  I’m ‘a little’ on the Type A side.  For example, I lay out/iron my clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for the upcoming week every Sunday.  I even iron the cloth napkins we use daily then!

3. Spandex scares me…

4.  I use to have to attend speech sessions in elementary school.  I bet people now really regret how successful they were.

5.  I would rather cook a nice dinner at home than go out.

6.  I will watch any movie that has Diane Keaton in it.

7.  I thought it would be really cool to be one of the Charlie’s Angels.

8.  I like to listening to ABBA while cooking.

9.  I wish I could fill every single room in the house with fresh cut flowers.

10.  I love getting lost in grocery stores.

11.  I always wanted jet black hair because I thought it was very sophisticated.

 Blogs I Follow





theadventuresof the4Gs

11 Questions for those bloggers

1.  What is the best thing about blogging?

2.  What is the one thing in your house that best represents you?

3.  Favorite book of all time…

4.  Most inspirational person…

5.  One goal you want to accomplish this year?

6.  Favorite song…

7.  Your perfect evening would be…

8.  Cubism, Renaissance or Modern Art?

9.  Where do you go to relax?

10.  Complete this statement.  Holidays are for….

11.  Favorite trait of yourself….

Thank you for letting me celebrate!  Over the next couple of days, I will be sharing Paris with you!