It is time!  The training is about to pay off.  What a beautiful city to run a half-marathon in!  Paris baby!  Here we come!!!!

After work, Hubby and I will make our way to the train station for our train ride to Paris.  We have packed plenty of reading material for our entertainment.  It should be a very relaxing trip after a long week at work.

On Saturday, bibs will be picked up and  the catacombs will be toured.  An early dinner of pasta with some friends who are meeting us there will round out our Saturday.  They will also be running the race.  There is nothing better than spending time sharing a meal with friends.  Then it will be early to bed.  We were very lucky to find a hotel that is a couple of blocks from the starting line.  Early planning!

The race begins at 10am on Sunday morning.  At the present time, the weather is suppose to be just at or below freezing.  Nothing out of the usual!

After the race we will make our way back to the train station and to home.

No worries, I will take pictures to share next week!

Someone asked me about training schedules.  This time, I followed a 10 week training schedule.  However, I supplemented spin and total body training (weights and strength) twice a week along with my running.  It was actually fun.  I’m not very fast but I have endurance.  About mile 10 I will begin to scratch my head thinking this was probably the stupidest thing I could have done.  Then I will get my second wind and I will be fine.

At the finish line, I will have a huge smile on my face!

See you Monday with details of Paris!  Enjoy your weekend!