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It is another cold, grayish weekend in our neck of the woods.  A little snow.  A little wind.  It is winter.

My second favorite place to be is a library. First is home of course!  Rows of books.  Rows of adventures, knowledge, and life.  Rows of opportunities.  Knowing we had a ‘down’ weekend ahead, this week I stopped by to browse.  I can never just walk into a library and come out with nothing.  It is not in my genes.

I was in a biography mood for some reason.  Maybe it was because last weekend I final saw Lincoln.  Who knows.  I go through reading phases.  One summer I read biographies on every single first lady except for Polk.  Still looking for a good one for her.  Another summer I fancied myself Russian.   I cleared the library shelves of Russian authors.  Then I was looking for books set in Italy.  See, phases!



I found treasures!!!  From Mary Todd Lincoln (different one than the one I read a couple of summers ago), Wallis Simpson, Valerie Plame,  to a book called My Berlin Kitchen, I have reading material for a week!  I also could not resist Julia.  Who can resist her???

Now the question is which one do I start with first?