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A week from today we will be heading to Paris to run their half-marathon.  We are SOOOO ready!!!  Bring it!

One of the requirements to enter is for us to have a physical.  So we trotted over to our doctor and did the usual stuff.  She was a little baffled as to why we needed it.  However, I made a joke about that it kind of made sense because they do not want us to sue them in case we fall over or something.  She said that made sense.  See why I like her???  She thinks I’m funny.  Hubby and Amazing Daughter do not.

Anyhoo, after the required blood work she decided that we needed an EKG.    I was like….why???   Of course they had to tell me this as they were checking my blood pressure.  I just turned to the nurse and smiled….  I guess it was okay!

I have watched doctor shows.  Loved ER.  So as I was waiting, I was trying to remember what it was and what they were going to do.  I knew it had to do with the old ticker.  So I walk in there a little anxious.  Told to lay down.  Great!  Liking this already! Maybe this was not going to be so bad after all.   Then the nurse starting hooking me up.  Ankles, arms…  I felt like I wanted to see if I could communicate with people outside of…well here. Next came  these things that were not pads like on ER.  They looked likes mini suction cups- 6 of them…. Then she pulled out the bottle.  I busted out laughing.  The bottle is that lotion they use on the pads.  It is the stuff they use for sonograms.  I was laughing because I knew it was going to be cold.  She looked at me puzzled.  I explained.  She told me no it was not going to be cold because she ‘heated’ it up.  I thought right.  She assured me.  I told her the last time I had this stuff on me I was getting my last sonogram before I delivered.  I told her they informed me that I was having a boy.  She was being nice and asked how he was doing.  I started laughing again.  I said he turned out to be a she and she was doing AMAZING!

I was suppose to be relaxed.  I was laying down after all.  However, I could not.  I was thinking, always dangerous, how is the heart?  I have never been concerned about it.  I take pretty good care of myself.  The nurse kept telling me to relax.  I knew she could tell that I was ‘thinking’.  I wanted to tell her I cannot relax since I’m trying to contact life outside.  Before I knew it, it was over.  She looked at the paper shaking her head.  All she said was ok and that the doctor would be in.  Great.  The doctor deemed the ticker good enough to race.

Everything is good to go.  Nice to know!  YEA!!!!