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I am one that focuses on the good things in life.  If it is mind numbing cold, great bring out the sweaters and boots!  If it is rainy, super!  Love to use the umbrellas!  If is sweltering hot, not a problem!  Wearing summer dresses and sandals are always high on my list!  I think that comes from growing up in south Texas and missing out on what is called seasonal weather patterns.  In elementary school, I would always scratch my head when the teachers started talking about the four seasons. “Four seasons. Really?  Where is that in the book?”

The older that I get, the more I appreciate different times of the year.  This weekend while running my errands, I found something that made me smile.  (It does not take a lot to do that!)  However, yesterday was the first time in a couple of weeks we were above freezing.  I was in a very jovial mood from celebrating a work accomplishment and the fact that we were beginning a three-day weekend!!!

They literally made me stop.  Others rushed by me.  I stayed transfixed.  I was caught between being happy with the glorious white stuff on the ground and looking forward to pretty pastels bursting through the ground.  I threw caution to the wind and grabbed.

When I got home, I rushed to the wall of cabinets that house all my linens and other stuff to grab a couple of vases.  They were waiting patiently from the fall.  I do hope that I did not wake them up too early!



What a welcome sight!!  I could not resist these beauties.  What a way to greet the morning this coming week!



I am not rushing Spring.  I am just appreciating what is soon to come.