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Some people have a green thumb.  Some people have a black thumb.  Then there is little old  me…



This was a gift from a wonderful friend at Thanksgiving.  I have watered.  Not too much.  Not too little.  I have not fed it coke.  We do not buy soda.  I realize that it is suppose to bud and then regenerate.  But die????  What am I doing wrong.



Even the leaves are starting to turn yellowish.  It is sad.  Is it foreshadowing????  Is this saying, ” You are not a plant person.”  Not sure, but I’m beginning to feel that way.

This is bothersome because hubby wants to start looking at seeds for a garden in the backyard.  Spring planting he calls it.  Something we can do together.  It is called a hobby.  He is all about having a hobby.  (That is another subject for another day.)  A couple of months ago I was pumped.  I was thinking no big deal.  We can do this.  We will grow our own food.  We will become really healthy people!   I was thinking, tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, and onions.  I was daydreaming about summer.  In that dream I was in the garden picking up lettuce leaves for a salad that we would have that evening for dinner.  I looked around and noticed that the tomatoes were a lush red and I picked a couple off the vine.  Then I turned and looked at the herbs and decided to grab a few to toss in for favor.  Of course I was wearing a summer dress, sandals…. You get the picture.  Now, I am thinking garden, more like backyard of death.  If I cannot even keep a plant alive whatever made me think that I could grow a couple of tomatoes????

Oh my!  What am I going to do?  I have to start conditioning myself for garden success.  I have to research how to keep plants alive.  I cannot kill plants.  Talk to them.  Would that help????  Sending positive growing vibes, maybe…  Not sure but I have to do something.  I want my daydream…

I do not like to fail.  It is not in my vocabulary.  Rise up and grow, darn it!!!!

Suggestions… oh wise people?????