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Part 2 of this week’s series will cover Romantic Destinations….

I love to travel.  Exploring, learning, and experiencing what other cultures, countries, or cities have to offer is just awesome.  Over the years, we have been lucky enough to go to some amazing places.  I always look forward to dusting off the passport and packing a bag!

Since this week is Valentines Day, I started thinking about the places that we have been that I would classify as romantic destinations.  I realize that everyone has a different definition of romantic destination.  Different strokes for different folks and all that!

Here are the destinations that we have been that just seem picturesque. They are not in any order!

Venice, Italy


Talk about history, atmosphere.  This was just breathtaking.  Yes, we even rode on a gondola.  I cannot wait to return!

Rome, Italy


It was the fountains, the gelato, the relaxed pace of the Italians that brought this city alive.  Sitting on the Spanish Steps watching Romans passing by is about as romantic as it gets!

Heidelberg, Germany


We had the privilege of living in this gorgeous city for 5 years.  We never got tired of walking up to the castle and walking the grounds.

Killarney. Ireland


Yes, we walked this!  I have never experienced green as I did in Ireland.  This was the highlight of the trip.

Vienna, Austria


We went to Vienna over Thanksgiving a few years ago.  It was amazing.  The museums, the Christmas Markets.  The city where so much music came from.  You cannot help but want to walk the streets with the one that you love.

Brugge, Belgium


Known as the Venice of the North, this was a quaint joy to visit.  I will not begin to mention that Belgium chocolates are mouthwatering.

Edinburgh, Scotland


As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, it was love.  Medieval love.  I never enjoyed having wind blowing in all directions before.  The Scots were always smiling!

Bar Harbor, Maine

bar harbor

Hubby and I spent 2 amazing weeks touring the Northeast on our 20th anniversary.  This was the highlight of the visit.  Talk about great food, and views….

Paris, France


Of course.  Whether you are sitting at a cafe, strolling along an avenue, or at a museum, the romance of Paris is drawing you in.

Those are the places that bring out the romance in me.  I know I will soon be able to add to that list.

What is your dream or favorite romantic destination?