I am not an outwardly emotional person.  I have a very realistic view on life.  When someone rants, I usually allow them to finish and then calmly state what needs to be done.  Maybe, I need to be more passionate.  Maybe, I need to express more emotions.  I just figure they are my emotions and who really cares except for me!

I bet you are wondering what that has to do with Valentines Day.  I love holidays.  I do celebrate them in my own way.  Usually, low-key and with those that are the most important in my life.  We do not go all out in a materialistic way.  That is not our style.  To me, holidays are about family and friends.  I do not need big expensive gifts.  I treasure conversations, excellent meals, and moments that when you look back on them are the makings of priceless memories.

This week I will focus on this day set aside to commemorate all things love.  Should be a lot of fun!



Did you know that the British Museum is the owner of the oldest known Valentine?  Did you know that the act of giving cards dates back to the Middle Ages?  Interested……

The Chinese started the tradition by using them to send messages about the new year to family.  The Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to make cards, and the Germans used woodcuts.

However, it was not until the 1850s that the common man/woman could afford them. Can you say thank you to mass printing?


This is the oldest known Valentines card.  Pretty simply really.

I love history.  So I went on a search of Valentine cards.  Here some that I found that I really liked!


Obviously, British because of the steering wheel.  Cute!


Got to love Pebbles and Bam Bam!  What a woman!


This one is so simple.


I’m a sucker for a soldier…. I married one!


Julia and Paul Child.  Love this!


Lastly, again, simple.

I love the tradition of giving cards.  I have saved every single card that Hubby and Amazing Daughter has ever given me.  The idea that they took the time to pick it out and  added a handwritten note is just about the best this gal would ever want!  See, maybe I am passionate after all!