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It is Saturday and that brings on the dreaded task of this…



I have not idea what it is about laundry that is tiresome to me.  Maybe it is the time it takes to wash, dry, and iron.  Maybe it is knowing that European washers and dryers can take up to 4 hours for one load (2 for washing and 2 for drying).   Maybe it is the feeling that being the type of person who lives by to do lists will have to wait all day before I can check it off!

This is my Saturday.  I have no trouble filling in the time between loads.  I run.  I clean.  I listen to music, maybe even dance a little.  I read.  I cook.  Today, I will watch the snow fall.

I sometimes feel that my laundry pile grows when I take it down to the laundry room.  Still have not figured out the missing sock issue yet!  However, at the end of the day, fresh clean clothes folded up in baskets ready for putting away brings order back to my life.  I know that the next week can begin.  Awww, everything is right in the world…

So here is to my growing pile of laundry and Saturdays!