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I have recently read an article talking about Michelle Obama and her body.  This blog will not deal with political issues or beliefs.  So, think Michelle Obama the person, the woman.  Her ‘issue’ as First Lady is childhood obesity.  Understand and support that issue. I also understand that the article stated that if she is promoting being healthy that she would not look like she does. This article I read talked about her body, in particular, her posterior.  I was so angry.  I had smoke coming from my ears.  Really!

It reminded me of the comments about Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice being critiqued about their clothing choices.  When was the last time a man in power was questioned about their attire?

We all know that each of us have different body shapes.  Not everyone is a size 2.  I personally skipped that size (a bunch of others also!).  Michelle Obama is not fat.  She is a beautiful woman with curves (and amazing arms!!!).  Since when is that worthy of newspaper articles?  Is there nothing else happening in the world???

Why did that bother me so much you might be wondering.  It did because I’m tired of opening up magazines and news sites to be told what a woman should look like.  I am not lacking in self-esteem or self-confidence.  However, I’m realistic.  I did my best to make sure that Amazing Daughter realized that she was/is intelligent and beautiful every single day.  (When she was smaller I woke her up every single morning by asking her who was intelligent and beautiful.  Trust me she IS and then some!!!!)  I did not want her to be worried about her body image.

It has taken me years to get comfortable in my own skin.  I’m a runner. I am a pear.   I have a rather large posterior.  I take my rather large posterior running quite often.  In fact in a couple of weeks I will be running the Paris half-marathon.  Trust me when I say I will be crossing the finish line with a huge smile on my face!  I’m sure that others see me and think wow, she has a huge butt.  No worries!  I know who I am.

Women seem to be judged and judge by body image.  Right or wrong, that is the truth.  I have a good sense of humor about this.  I also know that someone should be ‘considered’ for more than their body shape.  As women, we need to celebrate who we are.  Go Michelle!  Go Hillary!  Go Condi!  You all are very intelligent and beautiful women.

So to all the pears in this world, smile…..


Thank you for letting me rant!