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This morning I rolled out of bed with my mind spinning with ‘stuff’.  I could not go back to sleep.  I could not read.  I could not surf the net.  I was antsy.  I was restless.  I was… you get the picture!

As the sun began to rise, I changed into some running gear and headed out.  Talk about a brilliant move.  For me, those are few and far between!  I love nature and being outside.  I’m not a tree hugger type of person.  I guess you can say I’m somewhere in the middle.  This morning out there in the hills that were just freshly dusted with snow and streaks of light peeking through the trees I ran.  I mulled over the next week and a half.  I entered my sanctuary.  My church.  I did not even realize that it started snowing again.

Did I come up with solutions to my issues?  Yea, a few.  But more importantly, I finished with a sense of peace about everything that was just well, peaceful.   I reentered my house with a sense that ‘stuff’ will workout the way that it needs to.   Everything is right in the world.  My inner soul has been fed.

The best part, I did not pay a cent!  And I met my mileage needed on my half marathon training schedule!  Not bad for an early morning!

Now I’m off to finish the entryway.  I cannot wait to show you the end result!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!