Good news!!!!  Hubby checked our mail yesterday and ‘it’ came in!!!

Bad news!!!!  When we got home me being as excited as I was took ‘it’ out of the box and immediately went to the entryway to see what it was going to look like.  I noticed that it was the wrong color.  It is black not navy blue.



Imagine this in a navy blue background…..

In the entryway we have a little alcove where you are able to hang coats.  My idea is to use that alcove as an accent wall.  I did not want to use paint.  I thought I would use a printed wallpaper.  Of course, I spent hours (literally) looking online for just the right one.  When I found it a little happy dance took place.  So the ‘it’ is the wallpaper that I have been waiting for.

Today I will be going back and checking the order and making a call.  I will be sending it back because it is not what I ordered or wanted color wise.  The pattern is just a beautiful as I thought it would be.

So, today I will put everything together- hanging stuff, arranging, etc… Then I will have to wait for the right color of wallpaper to come this way.  If it takes as long as this did, it will be another couple of weeks.  Very sad….

What I will do is take pictures of everything except the alcove.  Stay tuned for tomorrow and you will see the unveiling of PART of the entryway!  Better than nothing.  (Still sad though!)

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