I love football (see post Memories and Expectations).  I am a proud Texas A&M parent.  I bleed maroon.  I am not an in your face Aggie fan but I do get excited watching them beat teams that they are ‘not’ suppose to!   Now you are thinking Super Bowl Sunday is NFL.  Yes, I know.  But I like college football better.  It is pure (okay purer).  These guys are still so excited about being out there on the field.  They are not millionaires…yet.  The love of the game is everywhere.  It is just beautiful to see.

I will stick to college football.  As you know or maybe not, Texas A&M is currently home of current Heisman Trophy winner.  YEA Johnny Football!!!  Beside the fact that he can play (understatement), he has a fun personality.  From the interviews that I have seen, he just seems like a good old boy having some fun.  That is not my idea of fun, but whatever floats your boat!  I will just enjoy watching him play some more!

So in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl that I will not be watching, I thought I would share something that is a lot more fun to watch!  Check it out!!!

Isn’t Kyle Field just awesome?   Some people have talent… and some people, well, we have the smarts to sit back and watch in awe!

Gig’em (You know that I there had to be at least one!!)

Happy Friday everyone!