If you remember a week or so ago I was reading this book- In The Walled Gardens by Anahita Firouz.



I have finished.  To say that it was thought provoking would be an understatement.  It takes place in Iran right before the revolution.  I remember this piece of history.  I was in elementary school so my understanding was well, nil!  After finishing this book, I have done alittle research on the matter.

The book is centered around two characters who grow up together.  Mahastee grew up in privilege.  While Reza was the son of one of the workers in Mahastee’s house.  Now before you say, Oh, one of those stories, stop.  It was not.  The author does an excellent job in taking us into the lives of these two as they are changed because of the actions of their countrymen and the role that the US played.  That would be the only drawback to this book, I wanted to know more about that.  However, I realize that was not the point of the novel.

I have read several books on Islam and traveled to Turkey and Egypt.  I think I’m pretty open minded about people.  I might not agree religiously, but I respect their culture.

I cannot imagine what it would have been to live in Iran at that time.  One minute a friend is sitting in a seat next to you and the next day, they disappear.  College is a place where people form their ideas, morals, and beliefs.  I’m sure that it happens everywhere around the world.  This was a powerful story about the collapse of the Iran that we read about in the 60s.  It is so relevant today considering the world events.

If you are into reading about different cultures, this might be a book for you!

I would love for you to share any good reads!!!  What are you currently reading?  What would you recommend to read?

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