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I’m not British, but I really like a cup of tea.  No I do not drink coffee.  It is just tea for me.  During this time of year, hot tea is the beverage of choice in our house.  Minus the cream, sugar, or honey.  Just the original stuff.

In my kitchen I set up a tea station.  A while ago, Amazing Daughter wanted to know why I never use my dishes that I buy.  For once, I could not really give her a good answer.  I have thought about it.  When is a good time to bring out the china?  Or the tea set?  What am I waiting for??  I have it.  Why not enjoy it?




Tea made easy.  I feel all fancy when I use it!  I really have a hard time keeping that pinkie down….  This is the set that I bought a million of years ago (it just seems like it….) in the Czech Republic.   It was one of my first purchases after moving to Germany.  I was a young military spouse who took a bus trip to do some crystal shopping.  I  blame the Czechs for introducing me to dishes.  Because of that first trip, I fell in love with the designs and shapes of them.  Simply, floral, bold, elegant, modern, it did not matter.  I was able to see something that I could appreciate.  With that appreciation, I happily bring out my goods to use on a daily basis.  They are not very useful in a cabinet!!!

I boil water with me tea kettle.  I love to hear the whistle!  Then I fill up my pitcher and throw some tea bags in.



Having a set spot in the kitchen for tea makes it easier to access it.  It also adds a burst of color to the room.  I really like the vividness of the red tray next to the navy blue walls.  The elegant  design of the set makes the simple task of drinking tea feel like a little treat.  Drinking tea has made fun and fancy!

Now I am so glad that I bought this set a million years ago!!