This week I did a road trip for work.  I was looking forward to it actually!  Long drives listening to ABBA, Journey, and my thoughts (oh, dear).  With my job uncertainty can accompany the sheer enjoyment that I have.  That uncertainty stems from people deciding to roll up the carpet and move military troops somewhere else.  However, that is okay with me.  Change is good.  It keeps you on your toes or at least it does me.  But more importantly, it allows a bigger circle of friends. 

 Enter these three lovely people…..



This week I had dinner with these wonderful people.  We laughed, talked, remembered, and just enjoyed each other.  Oh yea, we ate too!!!  The absolute best part of working is building relationships that you will always treasure.  We live in different places now, but the journey we traveled in Mannheim will always be something we will share. 

It was hard to say goodbye because I keep thinking about how comfortable it was to be among friends.  Change.  It is good.  But for that evening, I was back sitting on the ledge in the front hallway of Mannheim Elementary School talking with peers.

The next time we meet will be in the beautiful city of Paris in March.  We will be running the half-marathon. 

Thank you my friends!  Remember it  is Bobcat Boogie Friday!!!!