I have never shied away from hard work. In fact, I enjoy work. But when it comes to the weekends, I want to be on my own schedule, recharging. However, I do not like to ‘waste’ weekends. Sleeping in til noon has never been something I can do. I want to seize the day! Get up early and savor every single moment that Saturday and Sunday brings. After all, I am the master of the course of events.

Weekends can be filled with those mandatory errands that have to done because we did not have time during the week. Or you can just hunker down in your home reading, cooking, and enjoy the slower pace. Another option is throwing caution to the wind and getting out of dodge. Yet another option is to tackle a project that you have been wanting to complete or embark on.

No matter what, it is a time to rekindle body and spirit that seemed so monopolized during the work week. Sitting at the table a little longer enjoying the conversation. Throwing the extra log on the fire as you finish a great book. All seem just right.

Years before when Amazing Daughter was in high school, we were pretty much road warriors on weekends. We did not want to miss any school event that she was involved in. That is the way we wanted it. Now that Amazing Daughter is in college, Hubby and I are really delighted that we can rejuvenate on our terms. The perks of getting older, I guess!

As we say adios to another weekend and howdy to the week, linger just a little bit longer in the pleasures of time we have been granted!

Entryway update:
As you know this weekend I started my first DIY project of this year. I am excited to say that the entryway has been painted!!! That was part 1. I have ordered what I needed for part 2. At this point I am under budget!!! (Will share all of that when it is completed!) We went hunting for the ‘just right’ piece for the entryway, but came up empty (see post on Window Shopping). Which means next weekend, ROAD TRIP!!!! No worries, you will be coming along as I go to another favorite spot. It is coming together. I cannot wait to share when it is all done. YEA!!!