Conversation the other morning…..

Hubby:  Would you like to see Bon Jovi in concert in June?

Me:          ( turn to look at this absolute gorgeous man)

Hubby:  Did you hear me?

Me:         (mouth opened,  REALLY opened, dumbfounded)

Hubby:  What?

Me:   Is this a trick question?  (I have come back to life)

Hubby:  What do you mean?

Me:  What do YOU mean?  (wanting to make sure the love of my life was not like  losing it)

Hubby:   Do you want to go see Bon Jovi in June?

Me:  Only if you really want too.  (playing coy, batting eyelashes)

Hubby:  Ok

Just knock me over with a sledgehammer.

Hubby is the type that just gets right to the point.  I know that he probably scratches his head a lot when it comes to following my train of thought.  However, I do not have that problem with him.   This is how I know that Hubby really loves me.  I LOVE Bon Jovi.  No, like REALLY LOVE Bon Jovi.  Hubby always makes fun of me for this high school and college crush.  This was/is my band.  I can belt out all of their songs.  I can remember their hairstyles during this time.  I knew I had made it in life when I started driving around in my Volvo listening to Bon Jovi at an elevated volume (on a 5 out of 10).  You are thinking, gee she does not have very high standards…. Hey you have to start somewhere!

During college, when I did not want to eat in the dining hall food (still debating if that was what it actually was…), I would go to the student union and order a sandwich and go listen to the MTV top 10.  (Yes, that was when MTV played music.)  That was a highlight of my day!!!

Hubby really loves me because he wants to take me to go see MY band.  Oh, I cannot wait!!!!

This conversation did get me thinking about my top 10 Bon Jovi songs.  I have thought about this a lot.  So here we go… (can you hear the drum roll???)

10.  It’s My Life (only because it is ‘newer)

9. Wanted: Dead or Alive

8. Bad Medicine

7. Born To Be My Baby

6. Never Say Goodbye

5. I’ll Be There For You

4. You Give Love a Bad Name

3. Bed of Roses

2. Shot Through The Heart

and my #1 favorite song is…..

Living on a Prayer

I can picture myself now at the concert……..  Oh, I REALLY love my Hubby!!!