On my way to work yesterday I was listening to the radio. Not very exciting I know! However, about halfway to work Tina Turner came on. I sat up a little taller and was ready to belt out Tiny Dancer with her (like she needed my assistance…). So I’m driving along with Tina thinking is she still kicking or what? I have always thought that Tina Turner was exotic and very beautiful. When I grow up I want her legs!!! Anyway, I am stopped at a light when I look around. I noticed the guy in the car beside me is staring. Embarrassed, but not enough to stop giving Tina some support, I wave as I turn lovely shades of red. The guy shook his head. Thank goodness the light turned and Tina and I were able to end with style.

That got me thinking though, besides that this guy probably thought I was an idiot, I wanted to know what do other people do when they are driving. On my way home, I was checking people out. Of course, I was trying to be covert. Very interesting by the way! I feel like I’m lacking in the enjoyment of driving or the ‘job’ of driving. I saw a couple of people who were multi-tasking (driving, smoking, and talking on their cell phone). I saw a girl driving while checking her lips in the mirror. I saw a car full of men jamming out to something very loud (I could hear the bass). But I noticed that a lot of people just stare out the window. Are they rehashing their day or are they looking forward to getting home? They might be figuring out world peace for all I know. All this research made me appreciate the open road. Sometimes the drive is congested with traffic and you are well, not happy. Other times, you are just on cruise control. Driving is not something I would want to do for a living but it why not just sit back and appreciate!  I’m starting to have images of Grace Kelly in a scarf and sunglasses…..


I promise that anytime Tina is on the radio, the volume will go up (sorry hubby!) and I will change into my STAR mode (scary, right!). Oh, by the way, as soon as I got to work I googled Ms. Turner and thankfully she is still kicking!