Home.  That is one powerful word.  It brings many things to mind.  When I think of the word home, I immediately think of family, comfort, memories, haven, and laundry.  (Yes laundry!!!)  Hubby has always said that he did not care how the home was decorated it only had to be comfortable.  That statement has always been my mantra when it comes to our home.  We have had 13 homes in our 24 years of marriage.  The longest we have ever stayed in one house was 5 years.  So maybe I should have added mobile to my list of words!  In those 13 homes, I have always strived to make each one of them ours. 

We moved into our ‘new’ home in July.  When we came down to look at it last March, I knew in about 5 seconds we were moving in.  As they say, it was calling my name- LOUDLY.  There might have been some neon lights going off, I do not recall. 

When I look at a room, I break it apart.  I want to create little scenes that add to the big picture. 


This is the corner of our living room.  It happens to be one of my favorites in the house.  Each of the elements that have created this scene are finds that take me down memory lane.


This picture is a treasure to me.  The  lady holding the infant who is dressed in a golden gown looks over you as you sit in the chair.   I actually picked up the print from a school that I use to teach at.  It was part of an old curriculum buy that was about to be tossed.  So all I paid for was to get it framed! 


The chair itself is the most expensive part of the scene.  I paired it with a kilim pillow and a throw that I bought in Ireland a few years back.  Hubby, Amazing Daughter, and I were on vacation when we drove the Ring of Kerry. (Driving on the wrong side of the road was memory within itself!!!)  One of the shops on that famed road was a shop that sold Aran made goods.  The patterns and their meanings were beautiful to learn about.

Here is a better look at the throw.  I could not decide which pattern I wanted.  So I bought one that had all the patterns in it.


On the other wall, I have a clock that I found at a yard sale about 15 years ago.  We had just moved back to Texas from living overseas and we had just bought a house, the lady I bought this from was moving out of the only home that she ever lived in.  I thought (and still do) that it was appropriate for it to enter our home, used and well-loved.


Finally, I added a Bavarian painted box to hold a few of my favorite decorating books in.  This was one of my first purchases in the early 1990s when we first lived in Germany.  I have always thought of it as my first treasure!



This corner is a little getaway.  We spend many hours reading, nature gazing, and planning sitting in the chair.  Being surrounded by things that have become characters in our lives is what I think a home should be. 


Being formal is not us. Our home is.  Nothing fancy, but so full of memories and love.