If your really think about it, it really does not take a lot of things to make us content. When we want to unwind from a week of work and commitments, we want to do so in a way that is very personal and freeing.  I am one of those people who find relaxing a difficult task.  For example, mediation does not work for me.  I can sit in one place and start letting my thoughts exit my mind.  However, it seems that I might have two exits because new thoughts start marching  in.  Then I just get up.  I really admire those people who can though!!!! 

 One way I relax is running.  Out on the trail, my mind clears and ideas come flooding through.  Some of my greatest ideas come during a run.  I can have arguments with myself, ponder an issue, or debate the news of the day.  But when I get home, I’m at peace. 

This has been my first week back after a two-week vacation.  Getting back into the swing of things was a little slow.  This weekend I went to my second favorite way to relax.


A glass of wine,


a great book,


and a roaring fire made the evening  quite pleasureable. 

A long time ago, I found an escape that only books could give me.  Since that time, reading has been a way to relax and transport myself to another world.  Currently, I’m reading In The Walled Garden by Anahita Firouz. (I am a little more than halfway finished and it is a great read about late 1970s inIran)  Adding a fire just creates that tranquile atmosphere that recharges me. 

What is it for you that recharges you after a long week of work?