Many say that Winter is just something I have to get through in order to enjoy Spring. Oh, I so disagree. Winter is one of my favorite seasons of the year. What is not to love? Crisp temperatures, freshly falling snow, sweaters, boots, scarves… Need I go on?

There is just something about Winter that is so refreshing to me. Winter just sings slow down, take stock of what you have. It is time when books become the sole entertainment after a blustery day. We become connoisseurs of hot chocolate and tea. Savoring ever sip as it warms our insides. Chili, stews, and soups become the taste of the season. Is there nothing more beautiful than watching kids make snow angels? Or enticing you into a snowball fight? The feeling of being alive is never more prominent than when you are outside in the cold.

Whether you are sitting by the window watching the snow come down or outside building the ultimate snowman, Winter is a season to relish. There is something for everyone! Over the next couple of days in my world, we are about to be blessed with the white stuff. Though I would have enjoyed even more so a few weeks ago around Christmas, I am looking forward to snowflake gazing. I plan on bundling up with sweaters, scarves, and boots and take a walk in the newly fallen snow.

What a life!


(No, we will not this much, but isn’t this a thing of beauty!)