I love to cook.  It is something that does not come natural to me though.  I always use a recipe.  I get out all the ingredients and line them up in the order that I will need them.  Yes, I have a lot of bowls for this very purpose.  I have always dreamed of being one of those people who can just open up their frig and cabinets and just whip up a simple but delicious meal.  Not sure if I will ever get there!  However, I’m starting to loosen up!!!  I am becoming more creative.  It is very exciting.  I love trying new things.  Trying to eat healthy is always a priority.  I like the idea of making everything that I can from scratch.  It is a journey that I’m enjoying.  It does not bother me if it does not work out.  I will try it again or just ditch the dish! 

Last night we had some friends over for a dinner.  When we do this I always first select a type of food.  The more we travel the more adventurous I am getting.  Last night I wanted a simple meal and may I say comfort food.  So Mexican it was!  I also consider colors.  Having the food being the portrait is important to me.  Selecting foods that not only taste good but produce vibrant colors just seems right. 


 Cherry Tomato and Feta Salad

Tortilla Soup

Chicken Enchiladas with a homemade verde sauce

Chili Rice

Before I even start cooking, I set my table.  Tonight I went blue.  I found the table runner at an after Christmas sale for three bucks!  Not sure what it has to do with Christmas but I like it for the winter feel it gives!  I also like to use items that are in season.  My pine cones were gathered from the woods around the house.  And candles, well what can I say…


With that accomplished, I move into the kitchen to begin the fun stuff!  As you can probably imagine, I run a very ‘orderly’ kitchen.  I plan out the order of the dishes so that everything will be done about the same time.  For example, I  started with cooking the chicken but while it was doing its thing, I was chopping the veggies for the tortilla soup.  Common sense things I know!  However, I did not always do that!  See I’m learning!  Cooking is very relaxing to me.  I turn on music and fix a cup or two of tea.  Silly I know but it sets the mood!


Chicken Enchiladas before the oven….


And after!  They were wonderful!!!


Salad- Colorful!  I tossed everything with a dash of olive oil. 


Chili Rice


That is the Tortilla Soup!!  Why I did not take the lid off I do not know!  Beside the tureen are the toppings of cheese, tortilla strips, and avocados. 

We had an amazing time with some pretty good food! 

The power of food in our lives is something that I vow not to under estimate.  Some of the best times of my life have been sitting around a table.  I guess you can say that is my ultimate goal!

Enjoy and go out and cook something good!