I grew up in Texas.  No, cowboy boots or hats were not required.  However, a love for football was.  During the fall from Friday night to Monday football was the focus.  What is it about football that inspires grown men and women to don face paint or fake cheese blocks?  To run around beating their chest while wearing foam fingers? Or (my favorite) painting their chest and going shirtless in below freezing weather…  Thinking back now, I’m amazed at the enthusiasm and devotion it takes to pull for your team.  In my house it was no exception (minus the face paint, cheese hats, and foam fingers).  Football was king.  My dad loves football and that is putting it mildly. He is a HUGE Auburn fan.  We have forgiven him.  One of favorite memories of growing up in a football home was watching the annual Alabama vs. Auburn game.  Mom is a HUGE Alabama fan and that made the game even more interesting!  No worries my parents have been married for over 50 years!  But more importantly, it was about spending time with my dad and talking football.  I have amazed people with my football knowledge (Thanks Dad!!!!) over the years due to those conversations. 


Tonight the Aggies of Texas A&M take on the Sooners in the Cotton Bowl.   I have to admit that when I heard about A&M moving to the SEC I was a little nervous.  Okay A LOT!!!  I looked at the schedule and thought well,  it will be a building year.  Our amazing daughter is a very PROUD AGGIE!  During a visit to College Station in June of this year we stopped in to stock up on Aggie gear for the upcoming year (do you ever have enough???).  I snapped this picture.  I giggled at first and thought what a wonderful marketing department A&M has.  Then I started thinking about the beauty of A&M- traditions.  Midnight yell, standing through the game, the chants and cheers, the Corp of Cadets (love the boots!!!) but mostly the 12th man.  My giggling stopped and a pride that only a true football fan can muster up began.  Over here in Germany, we hung our A&M flag proudly for each game.  We stayed up late and had tailgate parties at 2 am just to watch our Aggies play.  And play they did!!!  The expectations for the Aggies were very comical to read in August.  Thank you for surpassing those expectations. 

Tonight (more like Saturday morning for us) my dad back in Texas will be sitting back and cheering for the Aggies as we will be doing the same over here.  We will not be standing during the game or painting our faces.  However, we will be pulling out the maroon t-shirts and saying gig em a lot.  Thanks Dad for sharing your love of football with me!

Go Aggies!  Gig Em!!!