January is a time to take stock and move forward while appreciating the lessons from the past.  The cool crisp air allows the perfect setting for this endeavor.  I have been thinking about blogging for over a year now.  I have thought will anyone read this or even care?  That is not the point for me.  This blog, this outlet will be for me to share my passions for life and thoughts about always looking at the bright side.  So here is to trying something new and fun!

Here we are just after the new year.  Christmas has been put away and resolutions are being considered.  I’m not a resolution type of gal.  I just do not think that 1 January is the date set in stone that we have to vow to change or improve one aspect of our lives.  We have many opportunities during the course of  a year to begin a new.  I am a list person though!  Each morning I start my day with the TO DO list!  I feel so good checking off the items!  That sense of accomplishment is so powerful.  Today’s list is simple:

  •      Clean house
  •      Menu for next week
  •      Hostess gift for a dinner tonight

When I open up my daily planner for the year, I see so much potential.  It is exciting to know that each day will bring about something different.  Hopefully that ‘different’ will be good!  If not, at least be able to smile as you work through it.

Well I will wrap it up today.  Until next time…