Just a little walk…

One of the great activities that you can do in Germany on the weekends is a volksmarch.  Volks means people.  So basically you have a bunch of people walking.  We have not done one in a very long time.  We use to do them a lot when Amazing Daughter was small.  Our favorite one was around Christmas.  You would walk at night and carry flashlights.  The path was lit with candles.   Amazing Daughter was in charge of the flashlight.  In her hands, instead of this serene light it looked more like she was landing planes.

This weekend Hubby and I decided why not.  You can decide the length of your march. We chose the long one, 13 miles.  When you register you get your ‘passport’.



You will carry itwith you throughout the walk.

Our goal was to just enjoy the walk.  However, my competitive side started coming out within the first ten minutes.  I would see a group right in front of us and I would start to walk faster.  Hubby stopped and reminded me this was not a race and we are suppose to be having fun.  I am so glad he did.  When I stopped competing and just enjoy the walk, the conversation, and the atmosphere of the morning, it was wonderful!

Every three miles they had a ‘kontroll stop’.  This is where you could enjoy a beverage, rest, and of course get your passport stamped.



I thought they could have been more unique with their stamps, but hey it worked.  At each stop you were stamped.

The trail was well marked for us walkers.



The walk itself was very pleasurable.  Here are some of the sights.







It was gorgeous.  Now, at the stamping stations  we only stopped long enough to get stamped.  However, when Hubby saw this…



we had the ‘privilege’ of looking at this big hole in the ground for about five minutes.  Boys, and what entertains them.

What I liked were the questions along the route.



The weather was overcast and humid at the start.  We finished the 13 miles in a cool refreshing rain in 3 hours and 52 minutes.

There is another one in a couple of weeks in a different area around here.  The long route for that is 26 miles.  I think were are going to go for it!

Yea, Monday!

A little music, please…

It was a great evening.  It was a little warm, but is the end of July.  Hubby and I decided to take a stroll.  We have been doing that a lot lately. What a perfect way to talk away a day.

Last night we were actually talking about movie soundtracks.  Strange subject I know.  As we got closer to town we heard music.  We laughed.  It is Thursday evening.  Why the music?

Then we saw green and glitter.  I really need one of those hats.




It was awesome!  They were having a great time.  So were all the people around them.  It is like a private concert!  Too bad they were not taking request.

It was a wonderful stroll on a summer evening.  It is funny how things just flow together, kind of like a great melody.

Happy Friday everyone!


Lots of reading

One of the great things about summer is all the reading one is able to do.  One can stay up late finish a book.  One can grab a pitcher of water and enjoy a good read on the patio.   For me, it is about catching up.  Catching up on books that I have been wanting to read, but have not had the time.

Here are two such books.



I grew up admiring Pat Summitt.  She was a little scary sometimes, but oh what she accomplished.  This book was exactly what I thought it was going to be, inspirational.  The lessons I will be taking away will be chewed on for quite a while.  Her work ethic.  Her desire to instill the ability to be better than ourselves.  Her love passion for life.  What an amazing individual.  I can see why even after they graduated, her players were always in touch.  And speaking of graduating, when she was the head coach at the University of Tennessee, 100% of her players walked with a college degree. Wow!  I am so glad I waited to read this book.  I have had plenty of time to reflect on it and apply it to my little world.

The Meg Wolitzer book is one that friend recommended.  She told me that it would challenge my morals.  As always, she was correct.  I wanted to put down the book several times.  I cannot stand self absorbed people.  (I was one of the strange people who despised the book Eat, Pray, Love)   I really tried to have feelings for these characters, but I just really wanted to slap them.  Yes, there are people who have money.  However, living in envy of them is so time consuming.  You miss out on your life.  No you might not have the ‘stuff’ they have, but you have your ‘stuff’.  Embrace your life and be content!   If you are not, decide what you are going to do about it.  I cannot wait to discuss this book with my friend.  I have been reflective about this one also.  The author must have done something right for me to have such an adverse feeling about the characters!

Okay, enough already with my ramblings!  As you can tell, I love literature!


The art of compromise is an important trade to learn. I know I still have a lot to learn on the subject!

Last week, the first of my summer vacation and the only week Hubby was off, turned out to be more wonderful than it should actually be allowed.   What did we do?  Hang out.  Where did we go?  No where.  

That was not the orginal plan.  We had a planned on hitting the road to spend about four days in the beautiful city of Prague.  However, the day we were to book the hotel Hubby said would you mind if we just stayed here?  

At the end of January, I started my dream job.  That meant picking up and moving.  It meant getting a studio apartment for Hubby.  Supportive is all Hubby has ever been. One of the things that I love about him.  We spend every weekend together either at the house or the apartment.  He asked if we could just stay in our house, together.  No plans each day.  Just reconnecting.  

Hmmm….. I thought.  A summer where we do not go anywhere.  Can we do that?  Secondly, during summers  I even have to have a schedule.  It is who I am.  Can I go a week without a schedule?

Compromise.   I understood that part about reconnecting.  I asked that we have a ‘liquid’ schedule each day.  Hubby asked what that meant.  I said in the mornings we have out workouts and that we have a menu.  He said he could live with that.

We worked out   Hubby even tried yoga!  We cooked.  We readied.  We played Scrabble.  We talked.  We unplugged from the internet.  We walked for hours each day.  We reconnected.  It was wonderful.  It was what we needed.

Hubby was quick to point out that he loved that fact that our bank account was left undamaged. 

I have two weeks left of vacation.  Hubby is already back at work.  We will be spending the next two weeks in the apartment.  I can now schedule myself silly if I want to.  Most importantly, I get to spend it with Hubby each evening.  

Sometimes it is not about the places you go, but it is always about the people we spend it with.  We will have plenty of travels ahead.  We both are looking forward to them.  However, a week in our home together was an amazing treat!

Telling it like it is

One of my favorite scenes in Pride and Prejudice is when Lizzy is confronted by Lady de Bourg.  To have the presence of mind and ability to respond to a very difficult situation is pretty amazing.

If that was me, I would not have been like that.  I am getting better at dealing with uncomfortable situations.  Telling like it is in a respectful manner is a true gift!

Yes, I finished my favorite novel of all time yesterday.  I still find it strange that it is my favorite novel.  I am not a romantic per se.  It stirs in me something more.  It is the character development.  They all seem to be your best friends.  Okay I cannot stand Lydia.  When you read a book you just want to get a way.  Every time I read the story of Elizabeth Bennet, I time travel back to the days of Jane Austen.  Where  taking a walk is the high point of the day.

My pleasure that I look forward to each summer is over for another year.  Aw… It was fabulous.  Now, I get to start on my summer to do list. Yea!


First few days of summer vacation have been devoted to Jane.  Just like I do each summer, I spend the first week reading all of the novels by Jane Austen.  This year will be a little different.   Why?   It is due to the shortness of my break and the fact that Hubby and I are about to take a road trip!  (More on that later!)

I decided to read just my two favorite novels- Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice.  I finished Persuasion already.  Each time I take away something new.  This year it was the value and the importance of  personal growth.  Owning up to your decisions in order to moving forward.  Playing Monday-morning quarterback has some benefits, but it cannot rule your life.

Both Anne and Wentworth grew during their time apart.  Without that growth, they would not have been ready to see what was before them when they meet again.

Thoughts that we all need to take to heart.  I know I will!

I am ready to complete my favorite novel today!  Isn’t Summer great?


Wow!   What a game!  As billed, it was a battle.  Hubby and I walked down to our local cafe/Biergarten to enjoy the game.  It was just a bunch of locals hanging out.



The area was decked out in red, yellow, and black.  There was a lot of face paint.  We opted out of the face paint.

The game was intense.  The crowd was glued to the edge of their seats.   You could literally hear a pen drop.   When the cameras turned and showed a shot of Angela Merkel, the crowd started chanting Germany.  Then it became silent again.

Then finally Germany scored.  I thought the world erupted.  The horns, the cheers, the beer was flowing.  People were hugging.  People draped their arms around each other and started singing the national anthem as they swayed.  It was awesome.

After the hoisting of the trophy and the dwindling of the crowds, the celebration did not end.  For a couple of hours after the game, we heard horns, singing/chanting, and fireworks.  I cannot imagine what it would have been like in Berlin.

Hubby and I are so glad we decided to go and experience the charged atmosphere.

Now, it will just be plain boring!

Happy Monday.

Last alarm…..

Alarm clocks.  You either love them or want to throw them against the wall.   Most people probably do not even use them anymore!

Well this morning as I was turning mine off, I became giddy with a realization.  That realization is I will not be using again for three weeks!  That thought in itself make me jump out of bed with a bounce in my step.

That is right, summer vacation is finally upon me!  For the next three weeks the schedule will be very loose.  Some traveling, some cooking, lots of workouts, and books will be consumed.  Recharging will be on the docket.

First item on the vacation will be Sunday evening.  Hubby and I will be at a local cafe watching the World Cup final with the natives.

Looking forward to the start of vacation 2014!  My alarm clock has officially started theirs.  Happy Friday everyone!

Flea Jar

Each week  I take all my extra change and put it in a jar.  It is labelled Flea.  It is amazing how much you have when it is full!

When it is about three fourths full, I start to get excited.  I start combing through old magazines, surfing through the internet.   I know that I will be hitting a flea market very soon!   I love going.   Even if I do not find anything, I feel it is great way to spend some leisure time.

So with change in a little purse (flea market find), I hit my first flea market of the year.  One thing I always look for is linens.  I am in search for anything vintage.  On this trip, I did not find anything.  Oh, but I found so real good stuff!



The best part is I only spent about $12!  Awesome right?

First the houses.   I have been admiring these houses for a long time.  I saw them first in Holland years ago in the lovely town of Delft.   They were out of my price range.  So I took a picture.  A couple of years ago I started to see them at flea markets.  Even though they were cheaper than the first sighting, they were range between $20 to $30 a piece.  I bought all three for $6.  Yep!  I even asked the lady if she knew what they were.  She told me they were her mother’s and she just wanted to get rid of them.  I gave her the money and walked away….happy.



Now they have found a home where they are appreciated in our breakfast room.



Next, the Demi johns.  I never knew what these were called until I started reading all these books set in Italy.  Now I am getting a collection.  The idea of taking them down to the local co-op and filling them with olive oil or wine is just wonderful.   I am ready to move to Italy!



Love the fact they were ‘wrapped’.  Nice detail.

Finally, more blue stuff.  That is what Hubby calls it.  I fell in love with this rustic crockery when I first saw them.  The fact that it was blue was not missed by me.  I do have a bunch of them in all shapes and sizes around the house.



Do you see a trash can?  I hope so because that is what it is now.  It is the trash can for our guest bathroom.  It is small and fits perfectly in that narrow room.

I know now I scored!  Plus, I did not make a dent in my ‘flea’ jar.   Summer and flea markets…good times ahead.


You say it’s your birthday?

I love that song.  I loved Sixteen Candles.  Wow, I have not seen that movie in well..a long time.

Yep, today is my birthday.  They do come around every year if we are lucky.  I am one lucky woman!

People of a certain age do not like to celebrate birthdays.  I do not associate birthdays and age.  Strange since they go hand in hand.  I like that we get to celebrate another year on this planet with people we adore.  That is what I will celebrate every 8th of July.

Ten words that I feel today….

10.   Happy

9.  Curious

8.  Loved

7.  Intelligent ( oh the things I have learned!)

6.  Accepting…the less than ‘springy’ skin is growing on me.

5.  Fortunate

4.  Sore (man, my muscles are sore from lifting weights….)

3.   Blessed

2.  Appreciative

1.  Rich…No money will or could replace what life I have be so graciously been living.


Considering all of this adjectives,  what’s not to like about celebrating another year?

Now, I will go and find some chocolate.  Every birthday should include chocolate.